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We are a logistics firm boasting more than 18 years of industry know-how, specializing in the provision of extensive supply chain services to major global corporations. Additionally, we offer warehousing solutions in both the United States and Mexico.

In our freight [ company ] we operate based on the following core values:





Embrace Change


These principles guide us in our commitment to leading in the industry and delivering exceptional
solutions in logistics and supply chain management.

[ made-to-order ] transportation for your products

As a freight company with international coverage, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your
freight shipments arrive in excellent condition at their destination.
Customized, made-to-order logistics solutions.
Customs Bonded Warehouses - Logistics Company
Ocean freight shipping
Roadway Freight for Smart Warehousing and Warehouse Solutions
Customs Brokerage for Smart Warehousing and Warehouse Solutions


From warehouse inspections to transportation in Mexico and the United States, our freight company will take care of it for you.

Ocean Freight Shipping

We have direct contracts with all major steamship lines. Our freight company will handle all aspects of your ocean shipping needs.

Road Freight

We offers a variety of cost-effective transportation services at the Mexico and USA border.

Customs Brokerage

As a licensed customs brokerage and clearance service, our freight company can manage the process of getting your products in and out of Mexico and the USA.

Air Freight

We are part of a global network with offices at major airports worldwide, offering efficient air consolidation and forwarding services.

Ecommerce Fullfilment

In addition to providing storage services, our freight company offers ecommerce fulfillment service for you. We meet your customers’ expectations and drive your online success.

Discover the [ advantages ] of selecting our logistics company
for your logistical requirements through a firsthand experience

Total Visibility and Control

From planning optimized routes to real-time monitoring of every shipment, our cutting-edge technology ensures complete visibility and total control for our clients, translating into timely deliveries and adaptability to the ever-changing market demands.

Our Freight Company's Smart Warehousing Solutions

Leverage our freight company’s smart warehousing solutions for smooth overseas shipping. Say goodbye to customs-related hassles. Our customs bonded warehouses in Mexico and the US handle everything from inspections to transportation.

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Electric Equipment

At EP Logistics, we prioritize sustainability by utilizing electric forklifts and trailers to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, as a freight company, we advocate for eco-friendly practices throughout our supply chain, underscoring our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Satisfied Customers Share Their Experiences

Our versatile freight services cater to various industries each with
[ made-to-order
] solutions to meet their unique needs.

EP Logistics ensures timely delivery of non-perishable products, maintaining quality and freshness throughout the shipping process.

EP Logistics offers supply chain solutions for the automotive industry, effectively managing critical parts and components.

Our freight company, EP Logistics, provides precise and secure inventory management solutions for electronic products, ensuring that items reach their destinations without damage.

EP Logistics adapts to the e-commerce boom, offering order fulfillment solutions and swift deliveries.

[ FAQs ]

In what geographical areas does your freight and logistics company operate?
We carry out road transportation and customs operations throughout continental United States and Mexico, while our maritime and air transportation services are global.
Our freight company takes comprehensive measures to ensure cargo safety and security. As a participant in the CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program since 2010, we ensure the security of cargo in the supply chain. These measures include professional handling, secure packaging, advanced tracking, certified forklift drivers, regular maintenance, strategic route planning, robust security protocols, insurance options, compliance with regulations and OSHA requirements, and efficient emergency response procedures. We prioritize open communication with clients to provide regular updates on their cargo’s status and promptly address any concerns.
Our freight company is equipped to transport a wide variety of cargo, including electronics, automotive parts, medical equipment, durable goods, and specialized new projects for all types of merchandise, mostly for small, medium, and large corporations. We prioritize safety, reliability, and efficiency, offering customs solutions and real-time tracking to meet our clients’ specific transportation needs. 
Our Portal System offers a powerful solution for efficient inventory management. With unlimited user access, it provides real-time visibility into inventory volumes and levels, empowering your organization with diverse reporting options such as stock on hand reports, balances report, including data-driven decision-making, and enhanced accountability. As your business grows, the system scales with you, making it an asset in optimizing your inventory management processes. 
The system is designed to operate seamlessly with a range of interconnected modules, each serving a specific aspect of our business operations. These modules include Transportation, Brokerage, and Warehousing, and all modes of transportation forming a cohesive ecosystem for comprehensive management. Also, the system is versatile when it comes to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations, offering many options to ensure smooth and efficient data exchange.
How can I request a quote with your freight company for a service?
To request a freight quote, kindly send an email with as much detail possible to or click here, and our team will promptly reply and connect you with the most suitable representative to address your logistics requirements.
To check the status of your shipment, you can access our portal or contact your assigned representative, who will provide tracking updates. If you don’t have tracking access, please reach out to your representative for more information.
We do not handle personal shipments, automobiles, hazardous cargo, and perishables. 

Yes, additional cargo insurance can be purchased. This is entirely optional. Please speak to one of our customer service representatives for more information.

Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30 pm.

Years of [ experience ]
in warehouse solutions.

We are a logistics company with
global parcel delivery services
since 2005.

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