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We are experts at providing fast and reliable Air Cargo Transportation. We uphold the highest quality standards for Every. Single. Shipment.

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As a member of a Global Network, we have offices in every major airport in the world. We offer air consolidation and forwarding and provide customer‑specific airfreight programs to shippers of all sizes. We understand air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit, constant communication and the ability to seize cost‑saving opportunities. 

Quick transit
Constant communication,
Cost-saving opportunities.

EP Logistics has allocated space in all major carriers, thus allowing our customers the ability to move air cargo in a timely manner. We provide a complete package of air logistics services through our global trade network of experienced professionals and state of the art tracking technology.

  • IAC – Indirect Air Carrier
  • TSA Certification
  • Arranging inland transportation and local drayage to gateway airports
  • Communication of shipment status throughout the transportation chain
  • Export packaging and labeling
  • Crating
  • Preparation for documentation
  • Airport to airport / Airport to door
  • Door to airport / Door to door
  • Charters
  • Hand carriers

Air Freight Domestic Services

With agents in all the major cities in USA and Mexico and our strategic alliances with all major airlines we are in the best position to provide you with the most cost-effective Air Freight Solutions. Our service options are designed to give our customers earlier arrivals and later cut off times to increase velocity within your logistics network at a competitive price.

  • Next Flight Out [NFO]
  • 2nd Day Air
  • Charters
  • Next Day Services
  • Local Pickup and Delivery
  • Hand Carriers

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How does EP Logistics ensure quick transit for air cargo shipments?

EP Logistics prioritizes quick transit for air cargo by allocating space in all major carriers. Our strategic partnerships and efficient logistics planning ensure timely movement of your shipments.

We maintain reserved space allocations on many flights, which guarantees available capacity even during peak seasons or in urgent situations. This reduces potential delays and ensures faster delivery times and helps us avoid common bottlenecks in air freight transit. 

Constant communication is a key aspect of our Air Shipping services. We provide real-time updates on shipment status throughout the transportation chain, keeping our clients informed at every stage of the process.

This means that from the moment your goods are received until they are delivered, we keep you in the loop. Our communication protocol involves regular status updates via your preferred method—be it email, SMS, or direct calls. This ensures that you are always aware of your shipment’s status and can plan accordingly without surprises. For businesses, this level of communication supports better inventory management and customer service, reinforcing trust and reliability in your operations.

 IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) certification allows EP Logistics to offer air cargo services without operating its own aircraft. This certification reflects our compliance with industry standards and ensures the secure transportation of goods.

This status allows us to interact directly with airlines, arrange cargo space, and handle all related logistics, which streamlines the air freight process for businesses. The IAC certification ensures that we adhere to all aviation and safety regulations, providing an added layer of security and compliance. For businesses, this means less hassle in dealing with cargo regulations and more focus on core activities, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Certification signifies our adherence to strict security standards in air cargo transportation. It ensures the safety and security of shipments throughout the entire process.

This air freight certification not only enhances the security of the air freight process but also expedites handling and clearance procedures at airports. For our clients, this translates into minimized risks and delays related to security issues, ensuring that shipments move smoothly and reach their destinations faster.

This level of certification reassures your customers about the safety and integrity of their shipments, ultimately supporting your reputation as a secure and reliable business partner.

EP Logistics offers flexible service options, including Airport to Airport, Airport to Door, Door to Airport, and Door to Door. This allows clients to choose the level of service that best suits their specific needs and requirements.

EP Logistics offers a comprehensive range of air shipping services tailored to meet various logistical requirements and budgets:

  • Standard Air Freight: Ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions without stringent time constraints.
  • Expedited Air Freight: Designed for urgent shipments that need to reach their destinations quickly to meet tight deadlines or supply chain demands.
  • Consolidated Air Freight: This service groups your shipment with others to optimize costs, suitable for smaller shipments that can benefit from shared space.
  • Direct Air Freight: Provides the fastest, most direct route for your shipments, ensuring minimal handling and the quickest possible delivery.

 Yes, EP Logistics provides charter services for air cargo, offering a customized and dedicated solution for time-sensitive or specialized shipments.

Whether it’s due to size, weight, or the need for a specialized routing schedule, our charter services provide the flexibility to select the most appropriate aircraft and flight schedules. This service is invaluable for project cargo, emergency relief efforts, or any situation where standard air freight options are inadequate. Charter services exemplify our commitment to providing tailored logistics solutions that align perfectly with client requirements.

Hand Carriers are individuals or teams dedicated to hand-carrying sensitive or urgent shipments. EP Logistics may utilize Hand Carriers for specific situations that require personalized attention and secure transport.

It is ideal for high-value, delicate, or critical items that require constant oversight. The use of hand carriers minimizes risks associated with traditional shipping routes, such as delays, loss, or damage, providing the highest level of security and speed. This service is a testament to our commitment to go the extra mile, ensuring peace of mind and exceptional care for your most important shipments.

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We are experts at providing fast and reliable Air Cargo Transportation. We uphold the highest quality standards for Every. Single. Shipment.


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