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We’re a Licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) and a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).  As an international sea freight shipping company, which has direct contracts with all major steamship lines and is well‑positioned to handle all aspects of your ocean freight needs at cost-effective sea freight rates. As a member of a Global Transport Organization and WCA, we have offices in all major ports in the world. As one of the most experienced ocean freight companies in Mexico and southern USA border, and a recognized international logistics company, we know how to make an effective transportation of your goods.

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Gain peace of mind with our Professional Ocean Freight Forwarding Service

Transporting cargo across the ocean demands the expertise of an Ocean Freight company that understands your business’ unique requirements and needs. At EP Logistics, our Sea Freight Transport Service is just one of the many logistics customized solutions we offer across the supply chain.

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Non Vessel Operating Carrier (NVOC)

NVOCCs is the service of arranging cargo space on vessels for your goods. We handle all documentation and manage the transportation of your items from one place to another, making international shipping easier for your business

LCL (Less than Container Load) combines smaller shipments in one container, while FCL (Full Container Load) is for larger shipments that fill a whole container. Our services offer both options, ensuring your goods are shipped overseas promptly, no matter the size of your cargo

This means that we combine multiple smaller shipments going to the same destination into one container so that you can take advantage of the bulk shipping rate, saving on transportation costs no matter the size of your cargo even if it doesn’t fill a whole container.

Our Ocean Freight logistics services handle the transportation by sea of your goods, and we will also manage any documentation needed including the Ocean Bill of Lading (OBL) which is a receipt, contract, and title document containing all the shipment to facilitate a smooth international cargo transport by sea.

We deliver your cargo from the ship to the warehouse and everything in between,  picking up the containers, securing them on trucks, and moving them to the designated location, ensuring a smooth transition of your cargo between transportation modes.

We pick up the empty containers and return them to the carrier on time, and we protect cargo from the port of loading to the port of discharge.

Our Sea Rail Services specialize in handling time-sensitive cargo shipments making sure your goods are on time, utilizing a combination of sea and rail transportation modes as required.

Our Sea Rail Services specialize in handling time-sensitive cargo shipments, making sure your goods are on time, utilizing a combination of sea and rail transportation modes as required.

We work directly with major steamship lines around the world, maximizing your international commerce network and business opportunities.

EP Logistics takes care of your shipments

EP Logistics understands how the pandemic has changed ocean freight shipments and sea freight rates. We adapt to any situation for your convenience and peace of mind. Trust us with your cargo. You can expect the following

A perfect Ocean Freight solution for your unique needs!

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We take care of your ocean freight shipments

We understand how the pandemic  has significantly impacted global supply chains, leading to fluctuations in ocean freight shipments and sea rates. However, you can navigate these uncertainties with confidence. Our company leverages extensive experience to navigate the complexities brought on by the pandemic. Our adaptable approach ensures we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a trusted logistics provider.

With strategic office locations and access to all major ports, rest assured that your cargo will be well taken care of. Our commitment to on-schedule deliveries ensures that your shipments always arrive on time, and with our competitive prices you’ll be adding a lot of value to your business and service quality.

International ocean freight shipping solutions

At EP Logistics we have the most competitive ocean freight shipping costs and effective ocean freight tracking, making us the best ally for all your ocean freight services needs. With gained experiences since 2005, we’ve gained an internationally established reputation.

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Established Reputation

We partner with major corporations to solve their diverse supply chain challenges

We can pinpoint the most optimal ocean freight solutions for your specific needs or circumstances.
We create individual strategies that cater to your unique concerns.
We pride ourselves on professionalism and excellent customer service.
Our international shipment solutions are based on your business needs. Feel free to reach out to our experts to inquire about specific Ocean freight options, or to customize any service.

No only do we have offices in the US and Mexico, but we have a large worldwide network your business will benefit.


Which type of Ocean Freight or Ocean Shipping service does EP Logistics offer?

EP Logistics provides a comprehensive suite of Ocean Shipping services, including Non Vessel Operating Carrier (NVOC), LCL and FCL Services, Consolidation, Documentation such as Ocean Bills of Ladings, Container Drayage and Delivery, Container Yard Recovery and Return, Sea Rail Services, Door to Door Services, and Global Visibility.

EP Logistics ensures peace of mind with professional Sea Freight Forwarding. Our services are designed to cater to your unique cargo transportation requirements, and we boast strategic office locations with access to major ports. With a commitment to staying on schedule, competitive pricing, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we guarantee the safe and efficient transport of your cargo, regardless of its size.

Non Vessel Operating Carrier (NVOC) is a service where the logistics provider arranges shipments without operating the vessels themselves. This cost-effective solution allows businesses to benefit from streamlined logistics without the complexities of vessel ownership.

LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) services cater to different shipment sizes. LCL involves consolidating multiple smaller shipments into one container, while FCL dedicates an entire container to a single shipment. We offer both options to meet your specific cargo needs.

Our Consolidation service involves combining multiple smaller shipments into one container, optimizing space, and reducing costs. This cost-effective solution is ideal for businesses with smaller shipments.

Documentation, including Ocean Bills of Lading, is crucial for legal and logistical purposes. We ensure accurate and timely documentation to facilitate smooth cargo transport, ensuring compliance with international regulations.

We handle the efficient transport of containers between the port and the final destination with our Container Drayage and Delivery services. This ensures a seamless transition of your cargo from the port to its intended location.

Container Yard Recovery and Return involve the retrieval and return of containers to designated yards. This service streamlines the container management process, enhancing efficiency in Ocean Shipping.

Our Door to Door Services cover the entire transport process, from the initial pickup at the sender’s location to the final delivery at the recipient’s doorstep. This end-to-end service ensures convenience and reliability for our clients.

Commercial invoices, bill of lading, certificates of origin, packing lists, and hazardous goods declarations are among the most common ones.

Ocean freight is great for international shipping because it’s cost-effective, especially for large shipments over long distances, and can accommodate large cargo volumes efficiently, it can also handle oversized or heavy cargo, has a lower environmental impact, and has reliable well-established routes.

Sea freight services are the transportation of products by sea using cargo ships.

Is one of the most cost-effective methods of transporting goods, especially internationally and for heavy, oversized cargo. Ocean or Sea freight services include container shipping, transportation, logistics planning, route optimization and customs clearance.

Ocean freight services includes everything related to transporting your goods by sea, for example:

  • Container Shipping: Goods are loaded into containers and transported on cargo ships to the destination you designated.
  • Full Container Load (FCL): For  single cargo fills up all the space in a container.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL): For cargos that are smaller than the space in the container. In this case, multiple cargos from different shippers that are going to the same destination are then combined, also known as cargo consolidation.
  • Logistics Planning: This involves planning and coordinating all the steps and details for the shipment of the cargo, for example arranging container types, scheduling shipping, getting all required documentation ready.
  • Route Optimization: Planning the most efficient shipping routes and schedules.
  • Customs Clearance: Submitting documents for customs clearance at the destination port and ensuring duties are paid.
  • Final Delivery: Transporting the goods from the port to the final destination, often by truck.

Sea cargo services refers to the type of transportation option available to move the goods by sea in the carrier ships.

The most common options are  Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), Roll on Roll off (RORO), and dry bulk shipping. Sea cargo services are very cost-effective, and they are essential for cross-border trade for efficiently and safely moving goods between countries.

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Ocean Freight

We are one of the most experienced ocean freight companies in Mexico and southern USA border


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