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    In a world that is powered by e-commerce, efficiency in logistic services is the one differentiator that may just be the giant leap for your business into success. At EP Logistics, we understand and confront the unique challenges of the e-commerce world. Leveraging expertise with worldwide reach, we ensure that your product gets to your customers quickly and safely, regardless of where they are located.

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    What are Ecommerce Fulfillment Services?

    Ecommerce fulfillment services are made up of various workflows and processes that streamline ecommerce sales for your business. These individual services include storage, order processing, product delivery and returns.

    You only have to focus on improving and marketing your products. We’ll take care of the rest.

    Our US and Mexico offices handle order fulfillment, management and shipping. We take charge of returns management. We provide warehousing and inventory management, too. You can rest assured that your products are safely stored away in our warehouses.

    Using ecommerce fulfillment services also helps your business to grow, as it extends your reach and improves your customer service, helping you in keeping loyal customers.

    How do Ecommerce Fullfillment Services work?

    Ecommerce fulfillment services handle all the steps involved after a customer places an order online. It starts when your product arrives at a fulfillment center like ours at EP Logistics. 

    Third-party ecommerce fulfillment services handle the entire fulfillment process, such as:

    Using a third-party like EP Logistics for ecommerce fulfillment offers several benefits:

    • Scalability: As your business grows, we can handle the increased volume without you needing to invest in additional space or staff.
    • Expertise: With our extensive logistics experience, we manage your logistics smoothly and professionally.
    • Lower Shipping Costs: We offer competitive pricing and work with various carriers to keep shipping costs down.
    • Speed: Located strategically, our fulfillment centers enable faster delivery to your customers.
    • Efficient Storage and Distribution: your products are stored in a way that maximizes space and accessibility, which enhances the speed and accuracy of order processing. At EP Logistics, we’ve designed our warehousing solutions to streamline the entire supply chain process.

    When trusting your products and your customer’s online shopping experience to a third-party, you want to make sure you choose the best ecommerce fulfillment service. Here’s what you should take into account: 

    Join Us On A Journey of Growth and Excellence

    At EP Logistics, we're more than an Ecommerce Fulfillment service provider; we're a part of your team. Let's navigate the complex world of logistics together, ensuring your business thrives in a connected world.

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    Common Ecommerce Fullfillment services problems

    When doing ecommerce fulfillment, you could find different challenges, as shipping delays, poor inventory management, and administration errors. Many of these issues can be easily avoided by working with an expert in third-party ecommerce fulfillment services. The most common problems are:

    • Inventory Mismanagement: Overstocking or stockouts can occur.
    • Shipping Delays: Orders can get delayed due to various logistical challenges.
    • Damaged Goods: Items might be damaged during handling or transit.
    • Returns Processing: Managing returns can be inefficient.

    Who needs Ecommerce Fullfillment services?

    Many industries take advantage of third-party fulfillment systems to ship their products to customers. These include businesses that offer accessories, apparel, cosmetics, dietary supplements, electronics, toys, tools and many other products. You name it — we can arrange warehousing and fulfillment services for you.

    • Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to scale without major infrastructure investments.
    • Large Enterprises needing robust solutions for managing large volumes of orders.
    • Startups requiring flexible, cost-effective solutions to manage growth.


    By offering the option to shop online and have orders delivered to the doorstep, you’re already one step closer to attracting more customers.

    Why choose warehousing solutions by EP Logistics?

    EP Logistics runs various offices in the United States and in Mexico. We deliver customized warehousing solutions that meet your business needs and exceed your online goals. Make us your third-party warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment team.

    FAQs about Ecommerce Fulfillment

    How do Ecommerce Fulfillment Services work?

    Third-party ecommerce fulfillment services handle the entire fulfillment process, including receiving, picking, packing, labeling, and returns processing. This comprehensive approach ensures efficient and reliable order fulfillment. 

    Ecommerce fulfillment services handle all the steps involved after a customer places an order online. It starts when your product arrives at a fulfillment center like those operated by EP Logistics. Here’s a simplified flow:

    • Receiving and Storage: Your products are received, inventoried, and stored securely.
    • Order Processing: When an order is placed, the item is picked from the shelf, packed with care, and prepared for shipment.
    • Shipping: The order is shipped to the customer using reliable shipping methods.
    • Returns Handling: If needed, returns are processed and restocked.

    Enjoy quicker shipping, efficient storage and distribution, expanded reach, space optimization, lower shipping costs, technological advantages, and the freedom to focus on growing your business.

    At EP Logistics, we prioritize the safety of your products. Our warehouses feature top-notch surveillance, access controls, and alarm systems. With fire prevention measures,, and a strong inventory management system, we ensure the security and integrity of your items. Trust us to provide a safe environment for your products. If you have any security concerns, our team is here to address them promptly.

    At EP Logistics, security is a top priority. We ensure the safety of products stored in our warehouses through:

    • 24/7 Surveillance: Our facilities are monitored around the clock.
    • Controlled Access: Only authorized personnel are allowed in sensitive areas.
    • Regular Audits: We conduct regular inventory and security checks.

    We have established partnerships with a diverse range of reputable shipping carriers. This allows us to select the best carrier based on the specific requirements of your products, ensuring optimal delivery speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s expedited shipping, international deliveries, or specialized handling, we work with a network of carriers to find the most suitable options for your business.

    EP Logistics partners with leading shipping carriers to ensure reliable and efficient delivery. Our partnerships include major carriers, as well as local delivery services to optimize for speed and cost across different regions.

    Each of these points showcases how EP Logistics tailors its services to meet the diverse needs of its clients, helping to enhance and streamline their supply chains efficiently and effectively. If you need more specific details or have additional questions, feel free to ask!

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