Road Freight Services

Over the road [ trucking ]
service in MX and TX.

As a licensed property broker, EP Logistics has access to thousands of trucks at any given time. When a product moves along the supply chain a transportation philosophy of “fastest is best” isn’t always optimal. That is why EP Logistics offers a variety of cost‑effective transportation solutions.

Cross-border [ shipping ]
services at the Mexico and
United States border

Despite the constant changes going on around the world, there’s still a growing demand for the transport of goods between countries. This is where EP Logistics enters the picture. In addition to overseas freight shipping, air freight shipping, and warehousing, we provide cross-border trucking services  in México, United States and Canada.

[ Comprehensive ] trucking
solutions in one place

EP Logistics delivers goods when and where they’re needed.

Full Truck Load (FTL)
We provide a suitable work truck depending on the size of your full load.
Less than a Truck Load (LTL)
We find ways to minimize costs when you need to transport partial truckloads.
Hot Shots
You can count on us to get your time-sensitive loads to their destination on time.
Cargo Consolidation
You can pay bulk rates and lower overall transport costs through freight consolidation.
Oversize Cargo
No task is too complicated for our team. We handle your oversize cargo with care.
Special Projects
With experts on staff, there's no project too complicated

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How does [ cross-border ]
transport work?

Our cross-border trucking solutions in the US and Mexico are relatively simple. We prepare the required documentation of your goods including their classification, valuation and customs requirements. Then, the drivers get on the road to make sure your shipments are delivered on time.

Here’s how you benefit from this service:

  • Safe transportation of goods
  • On-time delivery of goods
  • Economical transport costs
  • Quick customs clearance

EP Logistics [ handles ] US‑Mexico cross-border trucking

EP Logistics is an established company with various offices across the United States and in Mexico. We operate a quick, simple and economical cross-border transportation system. Trust us to handle your cargo with care, and to make sure it arrives at the destination on time.

Here’s what you can expect from our cross-border freight solutions:

Long-Term Experience
One and a half decades of experience have shaped our economical trucking services today.
Efficient Systems
Our team emphasizes efficiency. We find the safest and quickest way to deliver your load.
Professional Customer Service
Our professional staff provides hands-on customer support. We address your needs without hesitation.
Custom International Shipping Solutions
We offer a full range of trucking services. We can adjust these services based on your unique needs.
Strategic North American Locations
Our trucking company has offices throughout the United States. We also have offices in Mexico.

Secure and [ on-time ] deliveries with EP Logistics

When it comes to cross-border transport companies, you want to work with a company that has the years and variety of services necessary to easily manage your goods. At EP Logistics, we provide in the continental US and Mexico. We keep your goods safe and deliver them within an agreed timeframe.

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EP Logistics provides a solution for all your trucking needs ‑ from FTL transport to hotshot trucking, and everything in between. We meet your standards and make sure your goods arrive right on schedule.

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