Railway Companies Call on Border Authorities to Reopen U.S.-Mexico Crossings

us-mexico border crossings

Railway companies are urging U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to reopen crucial U.S.-Mexico rail crossings in El Paso and Eagle Pass, Texas. The CBP temporarily closed these crossings on December 18 due to a perceived increase in smuggling organizations using freight trains to transport migrants through Mexico.

The Association of American Railroads emphasized the crucial role these crossings play in facilitating rail service between the two nations. Union Pacific Corp. and BNSF Railway Co., running 24 daily trains through these crossings, face logistical challenges and significant delays, affecting 4,500 rail cars daily. Despite recognizing the humanitarian crisis prompting the closure, stakeholders stress the need for a quick resolution to resume normal rail operations, highlighting the delicate balance between security and cross-border trade.

It’s worth noting that Eagle Pass, previously closed for about three days in September, has now become a focal point of discussions between railway stakeholders and border officials. The ongoing situation underscores the delicate balance between addressing security concerns and maintaining vital cross-border trade connections.

We’ll stay up to date and keep you informed on any developments that may impact rail operations between the U.S. and Mexico. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this critical cross-border issue.