“Clean Truck Express” Lane Unveiled at Pier 400 Los Angeles

Revolutionizing Sustainable Transport as APM Terminals Drives Change in Port Operations

Los Angeles, CA – In a groundbreaking development, APM Terminals launched the innovative “Clean Truck Express” lane at Pier 400 in Los Angeles on December 5. This dedicated lane is exclusively reserved for vehicles enrolled in the Port of Los Angeles “Clean Truck Program,” marking a pivotal leap toward sustainable and eco-friendly supply chains.

Approximately 3,000 trucks traverse APM Terminals Pier 400’s gates every weekday, with over 850,000 truck transactions recorded in the past 12 months. Nearly 1,200 trucks are registered in the Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program, and the new express lane aims to optimize operations while reducing environmental impact.

By introducing a designated lane for Clean Truck Program vehicles, APM Terminals aims to streamline gate-in processes, leading to minimized energy consumption and reduced emissions. This collaborative effort between Pier 400, local trucking communities, and industry leaders underscores a commitment to operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Jon Poelma, Managing Director of APM Terminals Pier 400, emphasized, “This initiative transcends emission reduction; it’s a paradigm shift in industry standards, supporting our customers and communities in transitioning to sustainable supply chains.”

The unveiling of the Clean Truck Express lane aligns with APM Terminals’ ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. This initiative signifies a dedication to environmental stewardship, marking a significant step towards reshaping port operations and fostering a more sustainable future.