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Customs Bonded [ Warehousing Solutions ]
in USA & Mexico

EP Logistics offers major companies a comprehensive, flexible spectrum of distribution and warehouse solutions. Whether you’re taking advantage of low cost sourcing opportunities, expanding into new markets or increasing your manufacturing space for higher profitability, our smart warehousing solutions offer you the benefits of flexible market entry and exit – key to meeting the challenges of today’s competitive global environment.

Warehouse Solutions | The best of [ distribution solutions ] and technology offers [ seamless ] control over your [ supply chain ].

Benefit from smart warehousing solutions. Secure the overseas freight shipping of your goods and the main part would’ve been done.
With our warehouse solutions, get rid of the annoying headaches typically involved through each customs inspection and releasing processes undergone on freight imports. Our customs bonded warehouses in Mexico and the US can easily manage these processes.
From warehouse inspections to transportation, our warehouse solutions will handle it for you.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Let’s make it easier to store goods that are outside of US customs territory.

Cross Docking

Improve handling and storage times by establishing a cross-docking arrangement.

Pick and Pack

Allow us to handle the picking and packing of orders from your online store.

Raw Material Kitting

Our warehouse management system combines different SKUs to meet your needs.

Order Fulfillment

We can take care of the processing and delivery of orders from your customers.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

We can be the mediator between the suppliers or manufacturers and retailers.

Finished Goods Distribution

Reduce transportation costs by merging multiple orders from different suppliers.

Merge in Transit

Trim down your supply chain process by consolidating different shipments into one delivery.

Reverse Logistics

Make returns, refurbishing and remanufacturing easier through reverse logistics.

E- Commerce Distribution Services

Our smart warehousing solutions can serve as the distribution center of your e-commerce store.

RMA Administration – Returns Program

Focus on managing your business while our warehouse handles RMA requests for you.

Kan Ban Systems

Our warehouse monitors the workflow and the actual work to prevent bottlenecks.

Section 321

How does the [ Customs Bonded Service ] from our Warehouse Solutions works?

Our warehousing solutions have a relatively simple process. First, imported goods arrive at the warehouse facility. Then, a customs officer conducts an electronic inspection of the goods and related paperwork. Finally, the goods can be out for delivery as soon as they’re cleared.

Through our warehouse solutions services the processes might vary depending on whether your goods are in our Texas’ or Mexico’s Bonded Warehouses. Regardless of what your situation is, you can’t be wrong while choosing strategic allies such as EP Logistics, businesses with huge trajectory and full expertise.

Smart Warehousing and Warehouse Solutions

What’s the importance of our [ Warehouse Solutions Services ]?

One of the main disadvantages of not considering warehouse solutions throughout your logistics process is that customs officials won’t physically inspect imported freight upon arrival at the port, this would lead to a congestion at the offloading point and delays in delivery. It makes more sense for US and Mexico Customs officials to work with bonded warehouses that can receive and hold the imported goods until the paperwork and inspections are completed, required duties accomplished and taxes paid.

The warehouse solutions services allow us to handle the transportation of goods to our warehouses, so that once customs clearance is emitted we could direct them to their final destination.

Why to choose [ warehouse solutions services ] by EP Logistics?

EP Logistics is a trusted provider of logistics and smart warehousing solutions. Since 2005, major companies have come to our US and Mexico offices for transportation needs. We excel in making it easier for you to import and transport goods from overseas. Some other great reasons to incorporate into your logistics processes the customs bonded service from our warehouse solutions services are:

Established Reputation on Warehouse Solutions
We’re a trusted warehousing company by businesses from different industries.
Years of experience as a Customs Broker
Our company has been delivering comprehensive supply chain solutions since 2005.
Efficient Systems
We have streamlined warehousing systems that complement your supply chain flow.
Professional Support
Our professional staff handles all your warehousing needs and concerns with care.
Custom Solutions
Let us know what type of warehousing solution you have in mind. We’ll make it work.
Strategic Locations
We have warehouse facilities across the United States and in Mexico.

Other services that you can find in our Logistic Company

Let us [ take care ] of your customs concerns

Allow us to handle your customs-related and transportation concerns regarding imported goods. Our customs bonded warehousing and transport services ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods. With this often-complex step out of the way, you can focus on increasing your profitability and expanding your markets.