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Customs [ Brokerage ]

With licensed customs brokers on staff and over 20 years of experience, you can depend on EP Logistics to facilitate the process of getting your products in and out of Mexico while keeping in full compliance with Customs.

We are [ US and Mexican customs brokers ]

Customs brokerage is one of the most complex aspects of international shipments. There’s the matter of import and export declaration, duties and taxes, permits and licensing, entry reconciliation and duty reconciliation, and more. Our customs brokerage services streamline the process for you. In addition to customs brokerage and clearance, we provide customs consulting services. This includes consultations and risk assessments that improve your customs activities. This lets us identify potential risk areas, and to find solutions that minimize those risks and maximize your compliance. Come to EP Logistics for all your customs-related needs. We will ensure a hassle-free entry and export process of your goods.

With licensed US and Mexican customs brokers on staff and over 20 years of experience, you can depend on EP Logistics to facilitate the process of getting your products in and out of Mexico while keeping in full compliance with Customs.

C TPAT Certified

This certification is a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiative that stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. This program is for organizations involved in the global supply chain including United States importers, people working in customs brokerage or as a US custom broker, terminal operators, carriers and foreign manufacturers.

Ace Ready - Remote Entry Filing

A system through which the trade community, for example a customs clearance broker, reports imports and exports and the government determines admissibility.

Customs Clearance: Border, Air and Ocean

A process of obtaining permission from a country’s government, through its customs authority (like a custom clearance agent), to either take goods out of its territory (export) or have goods enter its territory (import).

ACS Entry Reconciliation

An exclusive means to reconcile entries, and existing local procedures for block liquidation is no longer permitted.

In bonds - QP - Electronic

It allows an authorized Agent to create a Customs Form with the added benefit of electronically transmitting the information to the CBP. A customs house broker, a freight broker agent, carriers, importers, foreign trade zone operators, and others, can take advantage of this expedited method of creating In-Bond transactions.

ISF + Filings

An Import Security Filing, a filing required by the CBP that documents importing information and details, as shipments pass from point to point.

AES Shipper Export Declarations

The electronic way to file the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) and the ocean manifest information directly to U.S. Customs.

EDI - Electronic Data Interference

An Electronic Data Interchange. It refers to the computer - to - computer exchange of business data between companies using networks. This system can work for customs brokerage services and warehousing.

ABI Certified – Automatic Broker Interference

A voluntary program available to brokers, importers, carriers, port authorities, and independent service centers.

Mexican Brokerage Services

We can provide you a Mexican customs broker that will help you with legal representation for both exporters and importers before the country’s Customs authorities.

Consolidated Pedimento Processing

The Pedimento is the most relevant custom form that importers or exporters use during the importation or exportation of their goods. EP Logistics provides you with great solutions so your company can complete this kind of process in the best way.

Maquiladora de Servicios Permit (IMMEX)

With this service you can temporarily import merchandise without paying the general import tax and compensatory fees, that is, defer the value added tax.

Customs Consulting Services

At EP Logistics we are here to advise you and support you with everything you need about customs brokerage.

NAFTA Evaluation

We can help you to evaluate the North American Free Trade Agreement so you can make the best decisions.

Foreign Trade Zone Admissions and Withdrawals

We can facilitate you the entry to the Foreign Trade Zone. This areas the United States' version of what are known internationally as free-trade zones.

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Remote Location Filing (RLF)

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In EP Logistics we are a [ custom house brokerage ] experts

EP Logistics is an established provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions. We provide efficient customs brokerage services in the United States and Mexico. We ensure the safe and timely arrival of your shipments at reasonable freight rates, and without any hassle. Our licensed broker agents manage all of it for you.
  • Filing of customs declarations before the shipment’s arrival
  • Timely filing of (ISF) Import Security Filing
  • Facilitation of duties and taxes payment on the client’s behalf
  • Coordination of customs requirement for in-transit movements
  • Assistance with applications for special licenses and permits
  • Assistance with the clearance of goods through government agencies
This is an overview of how we minimize customs-related delays, fines and penalties. We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of professionalism and experience. Our customs solutions leave no concerns behind. You can also have peace of mind with the knowledge that we’re certified in (CTPAT) Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. Your cargo will remain safe with us, from origin to destination.

Work with [ US and Mexican ] customs brokers

Your imports and exports undergo a meticulous customs check before they can be cleared by the CBP. Our licensed customs brokers handle all the required documentation for you. We take care of entry procedures, cargo valuation, duties and taxes, freight rates, and all other matters related to import process. Let EP Logistics assist you in your import needs.

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