El Paso’s Leap into the Future

Meta's Hyperscale Data Center Investment

In a groundbreaking announcement, the City of El Paso, the County of El Paso, and The Borderplex Alliance have revealed significant strides in supporting Meta’s development of a new hyperscale data center in El Paso. With an estimated investment of $800 million, this project is poised to reshape the technological landscape of the community.

The collaboration between the City and County of El Paso marks a major milestone in the evolution of technology in the region. Mayor Oscar Leeser expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its transformative potential for the community. The joint efforts of city and county leaders highlight their dedication to making El Paso a hub for innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity.

County Judge Ricardo Samaniego acknowledged the economic opportunities that a Meta data center could bring to El Paso County. The vote represents the initial step towards realizing this potential project, with the county expressing gratitude for Meta’s interest and investment. The partnership is viewed as a means to foster job growth, strengthen the economy, and write a brighter chapter for the future of El Paso County.

Jon Barela, CEO of The Borderplex Alliance, commended the city and county leaders for their foresight and commitment to job growth. Expressing enthusiasm for Meta’s presence in the Borderplex region, Barela highlighted the positive impact that the company’s hyperscale data center could have on the local economy.

At EP Logistics, we actively seek new ways to expand, and we wholeheartedly support this transformative project that promises innovation and quality career opportunities for our community! The decisions made by the council and commissioners are recognized as a critical first step in securing Meta’s presence in El Paso. While progress has been made, there is acknowledgment that additional work remains before finalizing the project. The community eagerly awaits the city’s continued support in the final stages of this transformative initiative.

Once established, Meta’s hyperscale data center is expected to be a long-term investment in the community. The project aims to diversify the tax base through substantial capital investment, introducing a new industry that promotes innovation and creates quality career opportunities. El Paso looks forward to embracing this technological advancement and the positive changes it will bring to the region.

El Paso’s collaboration with Meta represents not only a technological leap but also a commitment to fostering economic growth, job creation, and innovation. As the project progresses, the community anticipates a brighter future, firmly establishing El Paso as a key player in the evolving landscape of data and technology.