Ocean Cargo Update

Ocean Cargo Update

Get your cargo delivered faster during extended Red Sea risks and shipping disruptions.

In the world of global commerce, the seas are not always smooth. Ongoing problems in the Red Sea have sent ripples through the shipping industry, prompting companies to explore alternative routes. The impact is significant, leading shipping companies to contemplate a shift from sea to air freight for their orders originating in Asia.

The Red Sea Situation

Taking longer routes around Africa has made ships in high demand, causing traffic jams in Northern Europe and messing up planned port schedules. To stay on schedule, some shipping companies might even skip certain port stops. The delays aren’t just at sea – bringing back empty containers to Asia is also taking longer, creating a shortage at the beginning of the shipping process.

Balancing Act: Air or Sea ?

Now, here’s the tricky part – airfreight is faster but pricier. Surprisingly, companies are thinking about whether the extra cost of airfreight is worth it compared to keeping more inventory. In this delicate balancing act, businesses are searching for solutions to handle the challenges caused by the ongoing Red Sea issues and disruptions in the shipping industry.

In the midst of uncertainty, EP Logistics is there to help companies like yours sail smoothly, ensuring that the challenges from the Red Sea issues don’t throw off supply chain success. Beyond just providing a service, we are Experts and Professionals aiding businesses in evaluating the economic feasibility of air freight compared to investing in additional inventory. Contact EP Logistics today sales@eplogistics.com.

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